Zebra ZXP series 9

Zebra ZXP9

Zebra ZXP 9 Series plastic card printer was developed for applications requiring a high level of security and allows you to print cards in a photographic quality quickly and reliably. It is a retransfer printer, i.e. it enables extremely durable results and printing on the entire surface of the card – even on cards with an uneven surface, such as smart chip cards.

Comprehensive software package provides the tools you need to integrate and manage your ZXP 9 Series printers, enabling you to create your own card designs. Modes that allow the user to control print quality give you even more options and greater control over the process. Special Zebra-patented printer design enables simultaneous retransfer printing on both sides of the card and eliminates the need for the printer to flip the cards mechanically during printing. This reduces the risk of mechanical errors and card jamming in the printer. And Print Touch and QR Code technologies provide instant access to information and support.

Security features used in the printer, such as printer host encryption and authentication, as well as specialized holographic laminates increase security and prevent card fraud, modification or duplication. Zebra supports custom holographic laminates for applications that require specialized card security to prevent counterfeiting. The laminator, as well as the housing and card feeder of the ZXP 9 Series printer can also be equipped with an optional lock to prevent its unauthorized use.

Zebra ZXP series 9 specification:

  • Print technology: Retransfer Card Printer,
  • Print capabilities: Single-sided, Dual-sided.
  • Print speed: single-sided – 190 cph; dual-sided – 180 cph,
  • Max. images per ribbon roll: colour - 625 cards, mono - 2500 cards,
  • Interface: standard: USB, Ethernet cord; optional: 802.11 b/g wireless
  • Options: magnetic stripe encoder, contact & contactless smart card

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