Datacard SD460

Datacard SD460

The Datacard SD460 card printer with a standard laminator delivery exceptional security and more durable cards. This card printer empowers issuers with innovative yet affordable offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression and a card debow feature.

Innovation that matters

A tactile impression personalization feature enhances security by creating an impression on the card you can see and feel, making alteration attempts clearly visible. Choose from a set of standard designs or create a custom one specific to your organization, elevating security and your brand. Datacard DuraShield clear and holographic overlays take security and durability to new levels by providing full edge-to-edge coverage that’s virtually impossible to remove intact and provides four times the durability of basic topcoats.

Single-pass efficiency

Encode contact and contactless smart chips and magnetic stripes or add bar codes to make cards fully compatible with access control and other automated systems. You can also choose the security and durability you need with a range of high performance topcoats, polyester patches and overlays. All of this from a single system that offers faster throughput and a unique card debow feature that flattens cards after lamination.

A complete, integrated solution

The SD460 card printer offers an open platform for integration into a variety of environments. Combined with Datacard software, supplies  and services, you now have a reliable solution for taking security and durability to the next level.

Datacard SD460 specification:

  • Print technology: Direct-to-Card Printer
  • Print capabilities: Single-sided, Dual-sided.
  • Print speed: up to 200 cph front side YMCK ribbon with front side lamination; up to 175 cph front and back side YMCK-K ribbon, back side K with front side lamination; up to 185 cph (one side print and lamination with tactile) YMCK; up to 150 cph (two sided printing and one sided lamination with tactile) YMCK-K
  • Interface: Bidirectional USB 2.0 high speed; Ethernet 10 Base-T/100-Dase-TX (with activity light)
  • Options: magnetic stripe encoder, laminator

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